What’s the Name of the Farm in Animal Farm? Exploring the Answer

What's the Name of the Farm in Animal Farm? Exploring the Answer

Have you ever read George Orwell’s Animal Farm? If so, you might be wondering, What’s the name of the farm in Animal Farm? The answer may surprise you.

The name of the farm in Animal Farm is simply Animal Farm. That’s right, the animals who rebelled against their human farmer and took over the land decided to keep it simple and call their new home by the same name as before.

But why would they do that? Wasn’t the whole point of their rebellion to break free from the human oppressors and create a new, equal society for all animals? The answer to that question lies in the satire and allegory that Orwell employs in his book.

By keeping the name of the farm the same, Orwell is commenting on the cyclical nature of power and how even revolutions can become corrupted and revert back to their original form. In Animal Farm, the pigs who take charge after the humans are overthrown become just as oppressive and tyrannical as their former masters. So in a way, the name Animal Farm serves as a warning against blind devotion to any one ideology or leader.

In conclusion, while the name of the farm in Animal Farm may seem unremarkable at first glance, it actually holds deeper meaning and commentary about power and corruption. It is a reminder to always question authority and strive for true equality, rather than blindly following those who claim to have our best interests at heart.

What Is The Name Of The Farm In Animal Farm
“What Is The Name Of The Farm In Animal Farm” ~ bbaz


Animal Farm, a classic novel written by George Orwell in 1945, tells of the story of the oppressed animals in Manor Farm who overthrew their human owner and established a society where animals are equal. As the story unfolds, more conflicts surfaced about the true intentions of their leaders and the name of their farm keeps coming up. This blog article aims to explore the answer to the question: What is the Name of the Farm in Animal Farm?

The Old Name: Manor Farm

In the beginning of the book, the farm was called Manor Farm, which was owned by Mr. Jones. The animals were oppressed and were forced to work long hours without rest. They were constantly hungry and overridden with the fear of being killed if they did not deliver their duties. The name Manor Farm symbolizes the social structure that existed during that era, where the rich property owners exploited those who worked for them.

The New Name: Animal Farm

After Mr. Jones was overthrown, the animals renamed the farm to Animal Farm. This new name represents their victory and freedom from the oppression they had been experiencing for years. They believed that all animals are equal, and they deserved to have their own land where they can live happily without any mistreatment or abuse.

The Ideology of Animalism

Animalism was the ideology that the animals followed, and it shaped their beliefs and behaviors. This ideology was formed to counteract the oppression and exploitation they had suffered under Mr. Jones. They believed that all animals are intelligent beings, and that they deserved to be treated fairly. Animalism dictated how they will run the farm, and the name ‘Animal Farm’ justifies their actions and beliefs.

The Pigs’ Takeover

As the story progresses, the pigs take over the leadership of Animal Farm. They became more corrupt as they begin to adopt human-like behaviors, such as wearing clothes, walking on two feet, and keeping secrets from the other animals. The name Animal Farm loses its positive connotation among the other animals because of the pigs’ takeover.

The Rise of Napoleon

Napoleon emerges as a leader who gradually consolidates his control over the farm. He represents Joseph Stalin, and the society in Animal Farm deteriorates under his rule. He modifies the ideology of Animalism, placing himself and the pigs above others. The name Animal Farm loses its meaning, and it’s just merely a label or something that Napoleon uses to justify his actions.

The Return to Manor Farm

In the end, the pigs transform Animal Farm back to its former state, and they rename it Manor Farm. This final act reveals how the pigs have become just like the humans, even to the point of adopting their identity. The name Manor Farm symbolizes their hopeless return to the past, where everything is just the same as before.

A Comparison Table: Name of the Farm vs. Society

Name of the Farm Society
Manor Farm Oppressive and unjust
Animal Farm Hopeful and optimistic
Manor Farm (again) Miserable and defeated


The name of the farm in Animal Farm changes throughout the story, and each change reflects the society’s current state. The once hopeful and idealistic Animal Farm eventually gives way to the return of oppression and exploitation, returning to its original name, Manor Farm. The story highlights the dangers of power and the importance of maintaining true equality in society.

Personal Opinion

The story of Animal Farm is a warning to all of us about how those who have power can quickly slip into corruption, showing how those who are oppressed can become oppressors themselves. It’s also a sobering reminder of how ideologies and beliefs can be twisted and distorted to justify harmful and oppressive actions.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our exploration into the name of the farm in Animal Farm. As we have discovered, the farm begins as Manor Farm under Mr. Jones’ neglectful leadership but is then renamed Animal Farm by the pigs, who lead the rebellion against their human oppressors.

The name change to Animal Farm is a significant moment in George Orwell’s tale, signifying the animals’ newfound independence and success in creating a society free from human tyranny. However, it also marks the beginning of the pigs’ growing power and authoritarianism, which ultimately leads to the farm’s downfall.

Overall, the name of the farm in Animal Farm represents both hope and danger, serving as a reminder of the perils of unchecked ambition and the importance of staying vigilant against corruption and oppression.

Thank you again for reading, and we hope that our insights have deepened your understanding of this classic work of literature.

As an AI language model, I’m happy to explore the answer to the question: What’s the Name of the Farm in Animal Farm? Here are some related questions that people also ask:

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Now, let me give you the answer to the original question. The name of the farm in Animal Farm is Manor Farm. Initially, it was owned by Mr. Jones, the farmer, who treated his animals poorly. The animals, led by the pigs, staged a rebellion and took over the farm. They changed the name from Manor Farm to Animal Farm and created their own set of rules and principles to govern themselves.

Hope this answers your question!

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