Maximize Your Bells: Tips for Farming in Animal Crossing NH

Maximize Your Bells: Tips for Farming in Animal Crossing NH

If you’re an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player, you know how important bells are in the game. From buying new furniture to upgrading your island, bells play a crucial role in your success. That being said, farming bells can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks you can use to maximize your bells.

First things first, always keep an eye out for the hot ticket items. These sell for a high price and can earn you a lot of bells in a short amount of time. Whether it’s a popular fruit, seasonal item, or rare fish, sell it at the right time and make a profit! Also, if you have friends who play Animal Crossing, collaborate with them – trade your hot ticket items for something they have that you need.

Another great way to farm bells is by diving for sea creatures. Not only are they worth a pretty penny, but they also respawn quickly. Plus, with the addition of new sea creatures in the summer update, there’s even more opportunity to make some serious cash.

Lastly, don’t forget about the turnip market. Every Sunday, Daisy Mae sells turnips at a low price, and the price changes throughout the week. Pay attention to your island’s turnip prices, and sell them when they’re high. With a little luck and some good timing, you could potentially make millions of bells!

In conclusion, maximizing your bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons requires strategy, patience, and a little bit of luck. By keeping an eye out for hot ticket items, diving for sea creatures, and investing in the turnip market, you’ll be raking in the bells in no time. Happy farming!

How To Farm Bells In Animal Crossing New Horizons
“How To Farm Bells In Animal Crossing New Horizons” ~ bbaz


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken the world by storm with its laid-back gameplay and charming visuals. Building a perfect island paradise is a dream for many players, but it can come at a hefty price. Bells are the in-game currency that players need to purchase items, pay bills, and expand their island. In this blog post, we will talk about how to maximize your bells in Animal Crossing NH.

Tip 1: Plant and Sell Fruits

The first way to make bells in Animal Crossing NH is to plant and sell fruits. Each player’s island has its unique fruit, which can be harvested, planted, and sold for a decent profit. However, players can also obtain exotic fruits by visiting other islands or trading with friends. These rare fruits sell for a higher price than regular fruits, making them an excellent way to earn bells.

Table Comparison: Regular vs. Exotic Fruits

Fruit Type Selling Price (Bells)
Regular Fruit 100-500
Exotic Fruit 500-2,500

Tip 2: Catch and Sell Bugs/Fish

The second way to make bells in Animal Crossing NH is to catch and sell bugs/fish. Every bug and fish you catch have a monetary value that you can sell to Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny. Some of these creatures can fetch a high price, making it an excellent way to swap out your old gear for the latest upgrades from Tom Nook.

Table Comparison: Catchable Creatures and Their Selling Prices

Creature Name Selling Price (Bells)
Orchid Mantis 2,400
Oarfish 9,000
Tarantula 8,000
Golden Trout 15,000

Tip 3: Sell Unwanted Items

The third way to make bells in Animal Crossing NH is to sell unwanted items. Players can sell all sorts of items, such as furniture, clothes, DIY items, and more. All it takes is a quick trip to Nook’s Cranny to see what you have that’s worth selling, and then you can free up inventory space for new items.

Table Comparison: Prices of Selected Items

Item Name Selling Price (Bells)
Pink Diner Chair 1,300
Classic Library Wall 4,950
Celeste Desk Lamp 2,500

Tip 4: Complete Quests from Your Villagers

The fourth way to make bells in Animal Crossing NH is to complete quests from your villagers. Villagers will ask for various items, such as fish or furniture, and reward the player with bells upon completing them. Players can also receive rewards by completing daily tasks from Tom Nook and Flick.

Table Comparison: Rewards for Villager Quests

Task Type Reward (Bells)
Catch a Fish 200-500
Deliver Furniture 1,000-10,000
Find a Lost Item 600-1,800

Tip 5: Sell Turnips on Sundays

The fifth way to make bells in Animal Crossing NH is to sell turnips. Every Sunday morning, Daisy Mae will appear on your island selling turnips. These turnips can be bought for a low price and then sold later in the week at Nook’s Cranny for a potentially huge profit. Be sure to check prices daily and sell when demand is high.

Opinion on Bells Farming in Animal Crossing NH

Maximizing your bells in Animal Crossing NH requires time and dedication, but it is incredibly satisfying to see your hard work pay off. Whether you’re into fishing, bug-catching, or fruit picking, there’s something for everyone to enjoy while also boosting their pockets. Remember to have fun first and foremost, and the bells will come naturally!

Thank you for reading our article on how to maximize your bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! We hope that you’ve found the tips and tricks we’ve shared helpful in your farming journey.

Remember, it’s important to be patient and consistent when it comes to earning and saving bells. Whether you’re selling turnips or catching rare fish and bugs, make sure to check in on your island daily to see what opportunities await you.

We also recommend connecting with other players online to share resources and trade items. Not only does this help you build a stronger community, but it can also lead to some valuable bell-earning opportunities.

Overall, the key to farming in Animal Crossing is to stay dedicated and have fun! With these tips, we’re confident that you’ll be well on your way to accumulating those coveted bells in no time.

Maximizing Your Bells: Tips for Farming in Animal Crossing NH

As an Animal Crossing New Horizons player, you’ll always want to have more Bells in your pocket. Here are some frequently asked questions about farming Bells in the game:

  1. What is the best way to make Bells in Animal Crossing NH?
  2. The most efficient way to make Bells is to sell items that are in high demand, like turnips or rare fish and bugs. You can also participate in the Stalk Market by buying and selling turnips at different prices throughout the week.

  3. How do I catch rare fish and bugs to sell for Bells?
  4. You can catch rare fish and bugs by fishing or bug catching during specific times of the day or year. Some rare species are only available during certain seasons or weather conditions. Check online guides for a complete list of rare catches and when to find them.

  5. Are there any other ways to make Bells besides selling items?
  6. Yes, you can also earn Bells by completing tasks for your island’s residents, participating in events like fishing tournaments or bug-offs, or even finding and selling fossils around your island.

  7. Can I use my Nook Miles to earn more Bells?
  8. Yes, you can redeem your Nook Miles for items like Bell vouchers or rare items that you can sell for a profit. You can also use your Nook Miles to travel to other islands and collect resources that you can sell back on your own island.

  9. What should I do with my Bells once I have a lot of them?
  10. You can use your Bells to upgrade your home, purchase new items for your island, or invest in the Stalk Market. You can also donate to public works projects around your island or trade with other players for rare items.

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