Exploring the Snowball Character in Animal Farm Novel

Exploring the Snowball Character in Animal Farm Novel

Exploring the character of Snowball in George Orwell’s Animal Farm can be a fascinating journey. The pig, known for his intelligence and cunning, is one of the most prominent figures in the novel. From the very beginning, Snowball is portrayed as a dynamic character with a unique set of skills that makes him an invaluable member of the animal community. In fact, many readers believe that Snowball is based on Leon Trotsky, one of the leaders of the Russian Revolution. As the story progresses, we start to see a darker side of Snowball. While his intentions may have been pure at first, he becomes more and more power-hungry as time goes on. Some critics argue that Snowball is not much better than Napoleon, the other pig who takes over the farm. Both characters are willing to do whatever it takes to stay in control, even if it means betraying their fellow animals. If you’re interested in delving deeper into the complex character of Snowball, this article is for you. We’ll examine his motivations, his flaws, and his ultimate fate. We’ll also explore the ways in which he contributes to the overarching themes of the novel, including the dangers of totalitarianism and the importance of individual freedom. Whether you’re a seasoned Animal Farm fan or just starting to explore the world of Orwellian literature, you won’t want to miss this insightful analysis of one of the novel’s most intriguing characters.

What Is Snowball Like In Animal Farm
“What Is Snowball Like In Animal Farm” ~ bbaz

Exploring the Snowball Character in Animal Farm Novel


George Orwell’s famous novel Animal Farm uses several anthropomorphic characters to provide commentary on the events leading up to and during the Russian Revolution of 1917. The character Snowball, a pig, is one of the most prominent figures in the story. Although he is eventually marginalized and ousted by the more aggressive Napoleon, Snowball’s actions and beliefs provide insight into the events and themes of the novel.

Appearance and Personality

At the beginning of the novel, Snowball is described as a more vivacious pig than Napoleon, quicker in speech and more inventive, but was not considered to have the same depth of character. (Chapter 2) Snowball is depicted as a brave and enthusiastic leader, capable of articulating his thoughts clearly and rallying support from the other animals. The comparison between Snowball and Napoleon is stark, as Napoleon is depicted as being dull, secretive and uncharismatic.

The Role of Snowball in Animalism

Snowball is one of the key players in spreading the ideas of Animalism, which are based on the principles of equality, fairness and justice. Snowball takes responsibility for educating the other animals about the insidious nature of human oppression and how Animalism can bring about true freedom for all animals. He advocates for the use of education and intellect rather than brute force, in order to achieve their goals.

Snowball’s Contribution to making Animal Farm a better place

Snowball uses his intellect to develop plans to make the farm more efficient, secure and beneficial for everyone. One of his most notable achievements is the creation of the Animal Committees, which are responsible for different aspects of running the farm. Snowball also designates a group of animals to be the farm’s construction team, which is responsible for the building of the windmill. Snowball’s objectivity, hard work and dedication make him a valuable asset to the farm.

Snowball vs. Napoleon

Despite his contributions to the betterment of the farm, Snowball is eventually at odds with Napoleon, another pig vying for control over the other animals. The rivalry between Snowball and Napoleon is complicated by their different approaches to leadership. Snowball is an idealist who believes that all animals should be equal and work collaboratively. Napoleon, on the other hand, is more tyrannical; he seeks absolute authority and does not tolerate challenges to his power from any animal.

The Battle of Cowshed

The Battle of Cowshed pits the animals against Mr. Jones and his men in a violent confrontation. Snowball plays a vital role in planning the battle strategy, and though the animals face several setbacks, they are ultimately victorious. Snowball’s bravery and strategic abilities are evident in his leadership of the animals.

Snowball’s Exile from Animal Farm

Napoleon becomes increasingly threatened by Snowball’s growing popularity among the other animals, and eventually exiles him from the farm. This comes after Snowball has announced plans for the windmill, which had met with some opposition. Napoleon accuses Snowball of being in cahoots with Mr. Jones, which is patently false, and Snowball is forced to flee the farm.

The character of Snowball as Allegory

Snowball embodies the character of Leon Trotsky, a Soviet revolutionary whose ideas align with those of Snowball. Trotsky was an advocate of socialism, and his exile from Russia was orchestrated by Joseph Stalin, who feared his growing popularity. Snowball’s villainization by Napoleon appears to mirror Trotsky’s persecution by his political opponents.


Snowball’s character is symbolic of the ideals of socialism, which emphasize the importance of collective action and cooperation. His exile provides a metaphor for the dangers inherent in centralized power structures, where those in positions of authority can easily betray the principles they espouse. Animal Farm remains a powerful commentary on political oppression and the potential for political revolutions to become corrupted by individuals seeking power for its own sake.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the Snowball character in Animal Farm. This character has a lot of depth and complexity, and it’s clear that George Orwell created him as a way to comment on the dangers of power and leadership.

Throughout the novel, we see Snowball struggle to maintain his position of authority in the face of opposition from his fellow animals. Despite his best efforts to implement positive change and improve the lives of all those who live on Animal Farm, he is eventually betrayed and driven out by Napoleon and his supporters. This serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of being vigilant and aware of those who may seek to undermine our ideals and goals.

In conclusion, exploring the Snowball character allows us to gain a deeper understanding of Animal Farm as a whole, and the many themes and messages contained within its pages. By examining the motivations, desires, and struggles of this complex character, we can begin to develop a more nuanced view of the world around us, and hopefully be better prepared to stand up against corruption and oppression.

People also ask about exploring the Snowball character in Animal Farm novel:

  1. Who is Snowball in Animal Farm?
  2. Snowball is a pig in George Orwell’s Animal Farm who becomes one of the leaders of the animal revolution. He is intelligent, passionate, and committed to the cause of creating a better society for all animals.

  3. What role does Snowball play in Animal Farm?
  4. Snowball is one of the major leaders of the animal revolution in Animal Farm. He helps to plan and execute the overthrow of the human farmers and takes an active role in running the farm after the revolution. He is also instrumental in developing the new animal society based on the principles of Animalism.

  5. Why is Snowball chased away in Animal Farm?
  6. Snowball is chased away in Animal Farm because he is seen as a threat to Napoleon’s leadership. Napoleon, another pig who becomes the leader of the animal revolution, sees Snowball as a rival and accuses him of being a traitor. Napoleon then uses his power to have Snowball chased away by the other animals.

  7. What are some of Snowball’s accomplishments in Animal Farm?
  8. Snowball is responsible for many of the early successes of the animal revolution in Animal Farm. He helps to create the Seven Commandments that guide the new animal society, develops the idea of a windmill to generate electricity for the farm, and leads the defense of the farm against human attacks.

  9. What are some of Snowball’s weaknesses in Animal Farm?
  10. Like all characters in Animal Farm, Snowball has his weaknesses. He can be naive and idealistic at times, believing that the animals can create a perfect society based on their own principles. He is also overconfident in his abilities and underestimates the threat posed by Napoleon.

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