Exploring the Events of Animal Farm: Chapter 5 to 10

Exploring the Events of Animal Farm: Chapter 5 to 10

Animal Farm, a classic novel by George Orwell, is a masterpiece that teaches a lot about power and its abuse. The book highlights what happens when leaders become corrupt and how the masses can suffer under their rule. Chapters 5-10 are a crucial part of the story as they showcase the evolution of the government of Animal Farm.

In Chapter 5, we see a shift in power as the pigs begin to dominate over the other animals. This is a turning point in the story as we get to see how propaganda and manipulation work to consolidate power. The pigs start to show their true colors, and the other animals start to feel the effects of their decisions. The use of force and intimidation becomes more common, and the animals find themselves working harder and receiving less.

Chapter 6 sees the build-up of tensions between the pigs and the other animals. The pigs become increasingly elitist, and the other animals begin to realize that this new system is not what they had hoped for. The pigs continue to manipulate and control the narrative, but the other animals start to see through their lies. We also see a power struggle between Napoleon and Snowball, which leads to a shocking turn of events.

Chapters 7-10 show the complete transformation of Animal Farm. The pigs become fully entrenched in power, and their actions show their disdain for the other animals. They change the rules to suit their whims and desires and use violence to maintain their hold on power. We see the implementation of a brutal totalitarian regime that crushes any form of dissent. The ending of the book is both tragic and thought-provoking and leaves the reader questioning the nature of power.

Overall, these chapters are a fascinating exploration of the dangers of unchecked power and the importance of vigilance against tyranny. If you want to learn more about Animal Farm and its themes, then make sure to read chapters 5-10 carefully as they contain some of the most pivotal moments in the book.

What Happens In Animal Farm Chapter 5
“What Happens In Animal Farm Chapter 5” ~ bbaz


Animal Farm is a novel by George Orwell published in 1945. The story revolves around a group of farm animals overthrowing their human farmer and taking over the farm. The novel showcases the issues of communism, equality, and power struggles. In this comparison blog article, we will be exploring the key events in Animal Farm’s Chapter 5 to 10.

The Events of Chapter 5 and 6

The Beginning of Class Division

In chapter 5, Animal Farm seems to be thriving under the leadership of the pigs, who are ruling the farm with an iron fist. There’s a clear indication of class division between the pigs and the other animals, who are forced to work harder while the pigs get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The Rise of Squealer

In chapter 6, Squealer, the propaganda pig, takes center stage with his ability to manipulate the other animals into believing the lies being fed to them. This sets the stage for the pigs to take advantage of the other animals and consolidate their power.

The Events of Chapter 7 and 8

The Power Struggle Between Napoleon and Snowball

In chapter 7, Snowball and Napoleon come up with different strategies for the defense of Animal Farm. The two pigs have a power struggle that culminates in Snowball getting exiled from the farm. Napoleon consolidates his power and becomes the sole leader of Animal Farm.

The Brutal Treatment of Animals

In chapter 8, the pigs become very brutal with their treatment of the other animals at Animal Farm. They begin executing animals who they consider as traitors, and they use propaganda to turn the other animals against each other, creating a culture of fear and paranoia.

The Events of Chapter 9 and 10

The Complete Domination of the Pigs

In chapter 9, it becomes clear that the pigs have completely taken over Animal Farm. The other animals are forced to work harder than ever before, and the pigs continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The pigs also create laws that only apply to themselves, further emphasizing the class division on the farm.

The Tragic Ending

Chapter 10 sees the tragic end of Animal Farm, with the pigs transforming into humans and becoming just like the farmers they originally overthrew. The other animals realize that they have been betrayed, but it’s too late to do anything about it.

Table Comparison of the Chapters

Chapters Events
Chapter 5 and 6 Class division and rise of Squealer
Chapter 7 and 8 Power struggle between Napoleon and Snowball and brutal treatment of animals
Chapter 9 and 10 Complete domination of the pigs and tragic ending


The events of Animal Farm, Chapter 5 to 10, show the dangers of absolute power and how quickly individuals can become corrupt when given too much power. The novel is a warning against dictatorship, propaganda, and inequality, and it emphasizes the need for individuals to work together to prevent such power struggles.

Exploring the Events of Animal Farm: Chapter 5 to 10

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the events that occur in Animal Farm: Chapters 5 to 10. This section of the book is a turning point in the story and displays how Napoleon, the leader of the pigs, begins to maintain his power while the rest of the animals live in poverty.

In Chapter 5, we see the animals’ lives becoming increasingly difficult as they are forced to work harder without receiving any benefits. However, this chapter also shows us the start of the propaganda that Napoleon uses to manipulate the other animals into following him blindly. This propaganda is further developed in Chapter 7, which displays the events that lead to the banishment of Snowball, the most important adversary to Napoleon’s rule.

Finally, in Chapters 9 and 10, we see how the pigs become more human-like in their behavior while the other animals fall deeper under their control. The pigs’ increasing power and control cause them to become more and more corrupt, using violence and deceit to maintain their status.

Overall, these chapters show us how power can corrupt even those with the best intentions. It is essential to remain vigilant and informed, so that we do not fall prey to manipulation, deceit, and propaganda.

People also ask about Exploring the Events of Animal Farm: Chapter 5 to 10

  1. What happens in chapter 5 of Animal Farm?
  2. In chapter 5, the animals are working hard on the windmill project. However, they face many challenges such as a shortage of food and supplies. Napoleon also takes more power and becomes the leader of Animal Farm.

  3. What is the significance of the windmill in Animal Farm?
  4. The windmill symbolizes the progress and modernization of Animal Farm. It is also a representation of the hard work and dedication of the animals to improve their living conditions.

  5. What happens to Boxer in Animal Farm?
  6. Boxer is injured while working on the windmill and is taken away by the horse slaughterer. The pigs claim that he is being taken to the hospital, but in reality, he is being sent to the knackers to be turned into glue.

  7. What is the role of Squealer in Animal Farm?
  8. Squealer is the propaganda machine for the pigs. He convinces the other animals to believe in the pigs’ leadership and justifies their actions, even when they contradict the principles of Animalism.

  9. What is the ultimate fate of Animal Farm?
  10. The ultimate fate of Animal Farm is that it becomes indistinguishable from the human-run farms that the animals originally rebelled against. The pigs become corrupt and oppressive rulers, and the other animals are no better off than they were before the revolution.

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