Animal Farm’s Timeless Themes: A Reflection of Current Society

Animal Farm's Timeless Themes: A Reflection of Current Society

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a timeless classic that was first published in 1945 but remains relevant to this day. The book’s timeless themes offer readers a glimpse into how power and corruption can affect society. As a result, the novel serves as a reflection of today’s society, where similar issues continue to arise.At the heart of Animal Farm’s themes are power and corruption. The novel shows how those in positions of power often abuse their authority, manipulate those under them, and use propaganda to maintain their status quo. In the same way, current society experiences similar issues, with politicians, corporations, and leaders abusing their power for selfish gain.Moreover, Animal Farm’s themes highlight the importance of education and awareness. The animals in the novel were only able to overthrow their human oppressors after they became educated on their rights and recognized the corruption in their leadership. Today, education and awareness remain essential tools in fighting against oppression and injustice.Overall, Animal Farm offers an insightful reflection of current society that continues to grapple with power, corruption, and the need for education and awareness. By reading this book, one can learn valuable lessons about politics, leadership, and the impact of propaganda on society. Join me in exploring the novel’s timeless themes and discovering how its lessons still apply to modern-day life.

Why Is Animal Farm And Its Themes Still Relevant Today
“Why Is Animal Farm And Its Themes Still Relevant Today” ~ bbaz


Animal Farm is a classic narrative written by George Orwell that depicts the realities of human societies through the allegorical representation of animals. It reveals the sinister intentions of those in power and how divisions and corruption can bring about a failed society. Even though the story was set in a specific time, the themes it explores are timeless, providing an opportunity to reflect on our current society.

Theme 1: Power and Corruption

The Comparison

In Animal Farm, Napoleon, the pig who represents Joseph Stalin, rises to power, but he soon becomes tyrannical and corrupt, changing the rules to suit his interests while suppressing the other animals. Similarly, in current society, we see people in positions of power becoming corrupt, violating laws, and betraying public trust to satisfy their interests, while disempowering other members of society.

The Opinion

This theme shows how power, when misused and unchecked, can lead to the downfall of any society. It also reinforces the need for accountability and transparency in governance, business, and leadership spheres.

Theme 2: Class Struggle

The Comparison

In Animal Farm, the animals are struggling to overthrow the humans who oppress them, but after the revolution, the pigs establish a new hierarchy that mirrors the one they fought against, subjugating the other animals. In current society, there has been a growing divide between different social classes that affects access to resources, human rights, and opportunities.

The Opinion

This theme highlights the need for equitable distribution of resources, creation of opportunities, and a society where people’s dignity is respected irrespective of their social status, race, or gender. It shows how unequal circumstances can create animosity and hinder progress.

Theme 3: Propaganda and Manipulation

The Comparison

In Animal Farm, the pigs, led by Squealer, use propaganda to justify their actions to the other animals, distort reality, and maintain power. In current society, we see the use of propaganda, fake news, and misinformation by leaders, corporations, and groups to achieve their interests or manipulate public opinion.

The Opinion

This theme stresses the importance of media literacy, critical thinking, and awareness of deceptive tactics that individuals and groups may use to sway people’s opinions. It also emphasizes the need for transparency, accuracy, and accountability in communication channels.

Theme 4: Freedom and Oppression

The Comparison

In Animal Farm, the animals’ quest for freedom from human oppression leads them to establish a new society, but they soon realize that the new hierarchy is as oppressive as the previous one. In current society, there are still cases of oppression of people based on their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or political views.

The Opinion

This theme highlights the need for recognizing and challenging institutions, systems, and practices that promote oppression and limit people’s agency. It also shows the importance of creating spaces where people can express themselves fully and live with dignity and respect.


The themes in Animal Farm cut across time and space, making it a relevant and thought-provoking read in any generation. By reflecting on the parallels between the book and our current society, we can gain insights into the factors that shape our world and become active agents of change.

As we come to the end of our discussion on Animal Farm’s timeless themes, it is important to reflect on how this classic novel still holds relevance in today’s society. George Orwell’s allegory of the Russian Revolution and Stalinist era highlights crucial themes that are still present in modern times. From the importance of education and knowledge in fighting against propaganda to the dangers of corruption and abuse of power, Animal Farm continues to resonate with readers across generations.

One of the most striking themes of Animal Farm is the role of language and manipulation in maintaining power. In our current era of fake news and social media disinformation, this message is as relevant as ever. A society that lacks critical thinking, and a media environment that prioritizes sensationalism over truth, can quickly fall prey to authoritarian leaders who use language to manipulate and control their citizens. It is important, then, to stay vigilant and informed, and to value clarity and honesty in our public discourse.

Animal Farm also reminds us of the dangers of unchecked ambition, and the need for accountability and transparency in those who hold positions of power. As we witness corruption scandals, ethical lapses, and abuses of power in institutions ranging from business to government to media, we must remember that these issues have serious consequences for society at large. It is up to all of us to demand accountability and to support institutions that prioritize the common good over individual gain.

As we close out our exploration of Animal Farm’s enduring themes, let us remember the valuable lessons that this novel has to offer us. By staying informed, thinking critically, and standing up for what is right, we can help build a better world for ourselves and future generations.

People also ask about Animal Farm’s Timeless Themes: A Reflection of Current Society:

  1. What are the main themes of Animal Farm?
  2. The main themes of Animal Farm include power and corruption, propaganda and manipulation, class conflict, and the danger of totalitarianism.

  3. How do the themes of Animal Farm relate to current society?
  4. The themes of Animal Farm are still relevant today as they reflect the dangers of unchecked power, the use of propaganda to manipulate public opinion, and the potential for totalitarianism in any society.

  5. What lessons can be learned from Animal Farm?
  6. Animal Farm teaches us that we must remain vigilant against those who seek to abuse their power and that we must be critical of the information presented to us, as propaganda can be used to manipulate us. It also shows the importance of standing up for our rights and fighting against injustice.

  7. What makes Animal Farm a timeless classic?
  8. Animal Farm is a timeless classic because it uses a simple, allegorical story to convey important messages about politics and society. Its themes are universal and can be applied to any time period or society, making it relevant even today.

  9. How does Animal Farm challenge the status quo?
  10. Animal Farm challenges the status quo by exposing the flaws in systems of power and authority. It shows that even seemingly benevolent leaders can become corrupted by power and that revolutions can become just as oppressive as the systems they seek to replace.

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